About me and us

My name is Polly and it is my blog I started it because being a mom can be really fucking hard, and because there aren’t a whole lot of people out there being honest and realistic about what motherhood is like. So when our youngest was about fifteen months old and I was in the thick of it, I resolved to create a place where moms (and dads) could come when they were feeling alone or overwhelmed or like they were failing or when they just need a break. And I decided to write about the stuff that most people don’t want to talk about. The stuff that most people don’t want to admit. The stuff that people are thinking but are too afraid to say out loud. You know, the stuff most people wouldn’t dare post on Instagram or Facebook. When I first started writing, five of my kids were under seven years old and I pretty much just told stories. As you can imagine, I wrote about a lot of disasters.kids